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Popular Health Care Insurance Plans In New York

Jan 5th, 2012

New York state offers a lot of affordable health care insurance plans for its residents. A popular option is Healthy New York, a program designed for small businesses with less than 50 employees; for individuals who cannot get insurance through their employers; for self employed individuals; and for legal immigrants. The Child Health Plus program offers health care and dental needs coverage for children, this plan allows parents to avail of free or low-cost health insurance for their children. Family Health Plus is also available for low-income families who fail to qualify for Medicaid.

Where Can I Access Information?
Detailed information about the various programs mentioned above is readily available on the internet. Directions for application are also included in most sites. These usually include what documents you need to bring, the income guidelines for the specific program, and how to locate a counselor near you.

Healthy NY’s website offers information about the eligibility guidelines for its coverage and the facts about benefits, most of which can be printed out. A list of places, addresses, and contact information is also available for the prospective clients. Information about Child Health Plus is available on the New York state government website it includes information about eligibility (children under 19 years old), the benefits included, and where to apply. This program also covers immigrants with legal status. Information about Family Health Plus and coverage for children under the federal Medicaid program can also be found on the same website.

Program Coverage
The programs discussed above offer comprehensive services, in some cases dental and/or vision benefits are also available. That entails coverage for doctor visits, emergency services, lab tests, x-rays, specialists when needed, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, prescription medications, and also radiation and chemotherapy. These services are offered through a network of doctors, other providers, and major hospitals in a particular region.

New York State Medicaid
Medicaid is a government program available throughout the country. This program is intended for those who cannot afford any other form of health insurance. Under certain circumstances, Medicaid can cover premium payments provided you currently pay for health insurance or Medicare. The coverage offered is comprehensive which includes doctor visits, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, lab tests and X-ray, mental health services, nursing home care, and family planning. You will need several documents to show your annual income and current address. You can start your application by contacting the local social service office in your area.

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