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Penalty of Marriage

Feb 2nd, 2012

penalty of marriage

Written into the health pages of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is a little known and understood passage for the federal government to penalize the sanctity of marriage. Now, of course, there is no congressional representative who will openly admit to this, but it was written in just the same. This small, out of the way passage is the penalty of marriage tax. Yes, it is another tax imposed upon all married couples through the health care reform bill.

There is a legitimate reason why many couples go through the process of a divorce on paper and yet continue to live together as man and wife. How sad that we have laws, rules, and regulations that are now tied to the health reform that is forcing couples to do things they never intended to do. Could this just be another avenue to the single payer low cost health insurance?

Now they have included the marriage penalty tax and your eating habits into the health reform bill. Did you ever imagine your government would slap you with a fine just because you had the audacity to take the marriage vows?

What ever happened to freedom of personal choice? You should be as upset with the health reform bill as you are with the intrusive tax laws. You think you can afford the government’s version of affordable health insurance for yourself and your family. Take a closer look at all the different mandates that are included to shape your behavior.

The health reform bill is just an extremely intrusive way for the government to try to control a little more of your personal life. Why will your low cost insurance cost you two thousand five hundred dollars or more over single individuals? Is this another way to ease the American citizenry into the government-run single payer health insurance system? This is the ultimate goal of the federal government and then all insurance policies will become worthless.

Think about it and perhaps make some time to do your research to see what the facts are for universal health care, as it will stand now. The only citizens who will be receiving affordable care will be the government employees because the citizenry will be on long waiting lines to visit with a medical health physician that will not even be a physician.

What will we be seeing when we make an appointment with the local medical health physician’s office? You will probably be privileged to see a health provider who is an osteopathic doctor, a registered nurse, or a physician’s assistant, none of which are Medical health physicians. All this and you get to pay an additional tax just because you dared to take the marriage vows.


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