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Operational State Insurance Exchanges

Feb 2nd, 2012

Insurance exchangesOperational state insurance exchanges was a concept to be born out of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Originally, these state insurance agencies were to be operated by the federal government, but planted in every state of the union. Individuals in search of low cost health insurance were to be permitted to cross state lines within a specific perimeter of the state they resided to find inexpensive insurance coverage that would have the ability to offer what they required in a physical sense and in a monetary sense.

However, this is not how the state insurance exchanges developed over the months prior to the passage of the newly implemented reform bill. The individuals and families who will now be eligible for the state universal health insurance exchanges are.

1. Employees who are employed with companies that employ less than one hundred employees, most of which are full time employees

2. Employees employed with an employer who does not and never had offered any form of health insurance coverage

3. Individuals who are self-employed and without any insurance coverage

4. Unemployed individuals who may be collecting unemployment

5. Retired individuals who are no eligible for Medicare insurance coverage

6. Small businesses who are unable to afford any variation of medical insurance

7. Small businesses and employees with more than one hundred employees, but not until 2017

There will be new rules placed on all individuals as the state run insurance exchanges come into fruition over the next few years. One of the more prominent focuses on the state run insurance exchanges will be that the focus of health insurance quotes to be matched up to the individual by the needs required of the individual, not the insurance provider.

All insurance providers will be rated according to the new government sanctioned guidelines. Only when the guidelines are met and the insurance provider is rated can the insurance provider participate in the state run insurance exchange. Are you becoming confused by these new rules, laws, and regulations yet?

The different insurance providers that are permitted by the government to offer affordable health insurance coverage through the state run insurance exchanges are permitted to decide what type of insurance coverage to offer. It will also be up to the individual insurance providers to decide which of their insurance policies are no longer viable to the community. In this case, the insurance provider will have the prerogative to discontinue those insurance policies that no longer serve a purpose.


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