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New York Health Insurance For Students

Jan 18th, 2012

New York Health InsuranceIt is a well known fact that New York health insurance is among the leaders in the country in terms of availability. Still, many people remain uninsured, particularly young adults. Although it is currently not a requirement to be insured in New York, by 2014, every person in the U.S. is required to have health insurance coverage by law. Right now, most New York colleges require students to have some form of health insurance.

School Sponsored Health Insurance

It is a common practice for schools to provide health insurance programs to their students during the period of matriculation. Students are usually placed in school-sponsored health insurance plans which may be waived should they need to maintain any outside health insurance coverage. Students are advised to contact the college they are planning to attend in order to verify specific guidelines and plans available.

Parental Health Insurance Extension

According to NYS Assembly Bill A09038, a parent’s employer-sponsored health insurance which also covers dependents should also cover dependent children until age 29. However, this coverage is only applicable when both parent and child reside in the state, and the child remains unmarried. In the past, insurance plans automatically cease as soon as the child reaches a certain age (22 or 23), even if the child was still in school. This law was drafted to protect these students and those who find themselves between school or temporary jobs that do not offer health insurance coverage.


This coverage is designed to protect individuals who will lose insurance coverage, mainly due to loss of employment. Another beneficiary of this coverage are students who chose to get school health insurance policies; they usually lose their coverage when they get out of school. In New York, COBRA allows students who are ineligible for parental health insurance coverage to temporarily remain on student health insurance plans for a period of up to 36 months after coverage ends. Students who choose to remain in COBRA health insurance means they have to pay full premiums and they must enroll 60 days or more before coverage terminates.

HMOs for Older Students

Students 29 and older who do not want to enroll in insurance programs sponsored by their school still need to have some form of insurance coverage. If the particular student is employed, then he may be qualified to have coverage from his employer. If this is not the case, the student may apply for a coverage from a New York Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), a group of policy providers usually utilized by small businesses and individuals for health insurance coverage. In New York, HMOs are required to accommodate options for direct-payment plans for individuals. An advantage for this type of plan over school-sponsored plan is continued coverage for students even after graduation.

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