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New York Health Insurance for Local Artists

Jan 25th, 2012

New York Health Insurance

Lincoln Medical Center officially launched their program popularly known as the “Lincoln Art Exchange” that will provide New York health insurance benefits to local artists. This means that this program is available to those who are involved in creative activities like singers, actors, dancers, pets, musicians, photographers and the likes.

This program was patterned after the Artist Access program at Brooklyn’s Woodhull Medical Center.

New York is rich with artistic talents who are having a hard time purchasing or keeping an affordable health insurance policy given the unstable nature of their work. But now they have an opportunity to trade their talent for medical care. Renata Marinaro, from the Eastern Region for the Actors’ Fund “artists generally make an annual salary of $24,000 and therefore, They can’t afford that kind of money and they need to get their health care and this is an excellent way for them to get that health care and contribute to the community.”

How does this program work?
Enrolled artists will work with hospital staff or patients like read stories or face paint for sick children or take pictures in hospital events to earn credits. Each hour of creative service rendered is equivalent to 40 credits which is also equal to $40. They can use these credits in exchange for health care services like doctor visits, emergency care or inpatient care services including surgery. Health care benefits include doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency care,  laboratory tests, medical and surgical procedures, dental care, prescription drugs and other services provided by Lincoln.

There is no limit as to the number of people who can join the program. There is also no minimum in terms of participation.

Local artists like Tony-Award-winning actor Lin-Manuel Miranda and rapper Roxanne Shante are helping push the new program. But officials of the hospital need more effort to reach more artists throughout New York city.

If you are interested to join the program, call 855-546-2787 or send an email to [email protected] for details on how to go about the application.

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