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Health Insurance and Primary Care

Feb 2nd, 2012

Health insuranceHealth insurance and the primary care stability across the nation will see many changes over the next few years as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act become effective. One of the main topics for discussion is the new reach into rural areas around the country that were void of primary care clinics. This may be a good thing and help rural communities or it may not be such a good thing.

What is known at this time is that the primary health care provider will begin to adjust their roles into a more streamline process to attempt to meet the needs of the additional individuals who will be added to the policies of the health insurance providers. In the future, the government will be keeping a much closer watch on the activities of all in the medical health care.

All medical health care physicians are now required to spend sixty percent of their time on preventive health care instead of the first come first serve basis that we have all grown accustomed to. Those medical health care physicians who deviate from this required method of medical health care treatment will receive penalties or have their practice closed. The government now defines primary health care physician as the primary health care provider with a specialty administering the following.

1. General family medicine and internal medicine

2. Geriatric medicine and pediatric medicine

3. Nurse practitioners and clinical nursing specialists

4. Physician assistants

How will these changes affect you, your family, friends, and relatives? These changes will affect everyone because the entire medical health care community will specialize in the everyday, mundane illnesses and accidents rather than to have medical health care physicians who specialize in various fields such as heart disease, lung disease

The incentive for the entire medical health care community to adjust to the new rules, laws, and regulations will be a small percentage returned or reinvested in the medical health care clinic that complies with the new laws.

The health insurance providers are under similar adjustments. All the health insurance providers are being mandated to accept all individuals and to comply by rewriting and adjusting the affordable health insurance policies they current sell to individuals and families.

No longer will the health insurance providers be afforded the luxury of cancelling a health insurance policy when one of their insured become chronically ill. No longer will the health insurance providers be afforded the luxury of denying health insurance coverage to those with a long standing pre-existing condition.

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