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Feb 2nd, 2012

health careThere are many new rules, laws, and regulations that were passed with the health care reform bill as a side issue. These are the dead of night attachments that most individuals are completely unaware. However, there is a financial side to this new health care reform that needs to be brought to the light of day.

What is uncertain is how these new financial rules, laws, and regulations will help the mass population acquire affordable health insurance that will adequately serve their needs and that of their families. The government is only focusing on the bottom line. The hunger for additional revenue is insatiable and is what is driving these new mandates.

Large corporations and small businesses will have their plates full trying to adjust to the new regulation requirements in this newly mandated health care reform. Now they will have to add this new addition to their existing business as well. These new laws have nothing to do with your personal health care. This is the various branches of the government who are desperate for additional income.

The loss on revenue coming in to the government has dwindled by almost forty percent over the past few years. As more private sector individuals lose their employment, they lose their employer-funded health insurance. This creates a void with the health insurance industry by the loss of current health insurance policyholders. The more private sector individuals lose their means of employment, the less revenue is flowing into the government coffers.

Between the health insurance reform mandates and the financial regulations that will soon be implemented, more businesses will close. As more private sector businesses close their doors, there will be more individuals who will not only lose their low cost health insurance, but their livelihood, their homes, and more.

Is this what you asked for when you requested the government to look into the possibility of restructuring the health insurance industry and the health care communities, which serve the population? It is true that our health insurance system has needed upgrading for a very long time, but is this what you had in mind?

Now and in the future, the restructured health insurance system will eventually be completely run through the government entities such as the Health and Human Services with a partnership through the Internal Revenue Service. How does this help to improve the quality of health care you will receive? How does this lower the cost of the annual health insurance policy?

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