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Gum Disease and Health Problems

Feb 2nd, 2012

gum diseaseA very interesting, yet seldom discussed disease that is costing the health profession millions and millions of dollars is really a dental problem. We are discussing periodontal disease and the correlation to diabetes and heart disease. The treatment and in many cases, the cure is very simple and relatively inexpensive, but it is also often overlooked.

Now, anything that involves dentistry also required dental insurance because your standard affordable health insurance policy will not cover dental under their umbrella. Yes, this is going to cost you even more money to purchase a dental insurance policy even if it is a low-cost insurance policy. The rewards are generally few and there are more dental services that will not be covered by your medical insurance than benefits that won’t be covered.

However, it is unavoidable and perhaps it is the reason why most individuals do not carry a separate dental health insurance policy. That was fine until a few years ago when dentistry began accelerating in the use of technology and palatable procedures. The advancements have been many and the rising costs have marched right along.

This does not dismiss the underlying problem that many in the population suffer with, which is various forms of gum disease. Gum disease if left unattended will eventually lead to heart disease and can complicate and compromise an individual’s health when diabetes is involved. The problems begin when individuals find out their individual health insurance policy does not cover dental unless in a hospital setting.

The one main point that is a cause of interest with the various medical health physicians and dentists is the fact that gum disease or periodontal disease means that unwanted bacteria is being released through the individual’s blood stream. How long is an individual able to remain healthy before the bacteria build up in the body catches up?

Amazingly, the vast population does not consider their teeth to be of great health care importance. This will catch the attention of the insurance provider because it may be the underlying cause of required medical assistance with other areas of the individual’s health. Visits to the local dentist come about when a particular tooth is causing some form of discomfort and the general health of the individual begins to decline. This will cause the health insurance provider of your low-cost health insurance policy to pay out even more money than usual.

The health insurance providers, the medical health care community, and the dental technicians have been trying for decades to help the public understand the correlation to take better care of their gums and teeth. Notoriety and knowledge has only begun to make a dent. Now we must wait to see what kind of impact the health care reform bill will have on dentistry throughout the country.

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