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Wellness Programs

Feb 2nd, 2012

wellness programsThe health reform rules, laws, and regulations are providing a launch pad for employers to establish wellness programs in the workplace. This may sound like a wonderful idea to most individuals, but when you begin to analyze it, you have to wonder. Whom is the wellness program for and what is it about.

Are the employer health care wellness programs another way for the government to keep close tabs on their investment, we the people? Is this a way to attain more productivity from the employees? Does this offer more control to the employers because they are the ones paying the average monthly cost for health insurance for each employee?

Some employers are now becoming creative in their health care offerings pertaining to these wellness centers. They are offering rewards through financial incentives towards healthy behavior and penalties for unhealthy, poor behavior. Are you sure, this is what you want? A few of the incentives being offered through the health care wellness centers are.

1. Health care incentives for employees to lose weight

2. Health care incentives for employees to lower their blood pressure

3. Health care incentives for employees to lower their cholesterol levels

4. Health care incentives for employees to better control their diabetes

However, you must really think long and hard that this is what you want. All health care wellness programs are a benefit to society. Their instructional value helps the medical health care community and it also helps the health insurance industry, but is this the way you want it? The government has been trying for a long time to influence and control your thoughts and behavior and now your employer is influencing what you do, where do you go, what do you eat when you are no longer on the payroll clock?

What is interesting about this partially implemented health care reform is that it does not allow for any dissension among us the people. There are some individuals who have paid their way when they were in need of medical health care services. Why is everyone mandated to purchase a health insurance policy that amounts to nothing more than another government tax?

Will the government and your employer begin to dictate the activities you will conduct on your own time? Will the health insurance providers dictate what television shows you must view and which type of music you must listen? Will the government dictate what automobile you may own and drive and how to rearrange the interior of your home?

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