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Unhappy Health Insurance Providers

Feb 2nd, 2012

Health insurance providersThe insurance providers are not very happy campers these days and there are probably many individuals who are smiling because of this. The insurance providers have decided to ban together to try to lobby congress to possibly change a few of the restrictions that were written into the health reform bill that was passed earlier in the year.

Even though the health care reform bill was passed, there are still many sections to it that have not been completed. Guess the federal government believes they have the option to fill in the blanks at a later date when they figure out which way the wind is blowing.

The health bill has a few passages that excluded the insurance providers from increasing insured annual affordable health insurance premiums without a reasonable justification. Well, someone needs to have a talk with the many insurance providers because the rates in some cases are rising between nineteen percent and thirty-five percent with no apparent reason. How can this be?

Many of the necessary government regulations have not even been written into the bill. Can someone tell us how congress was able to pass a bill that will affect every citizen without having the health reform bill completed? The insurance industry and the medical health community are currently lobbying congress. The arguing is over the standing laws of the health reform bill.

The health insurance providers are assuring congress that if the insurance industry is going to be manipulated at whim, every individual’s annual insurance policy rates will climb even higher than they are today. The medical health community is arguing that if the new laws, rules, and regulations become too intrusive on individuals the quality of universal health care will soon diminish.

The patients are currently accustom to a level of care and will slip away because more individuals in the medical health field will discontinue their service. This will cause waiting lines for patients that in some cases could be a matter of life and death.

The health insurance providers would like to see improved low cost health insurance in a number of pertinent areas such as health information technology, the evaluation of medical health physician’s, evaluations to rate every hospital, reducing and eliminating fraud in the medical care system. The medical health community believes the medical health physicians will no longer be able to have a patient, doctor relationship that is vital to healing.

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