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Tips To Avoid Bladder Stones

Jun 20th, 2012

Avoid bladder stonesBladder stones are crystallized particles of minerals like calcium or magnesium in the urinary bladder. They vary in number, size, shape, and consistency. Bladder stones are caused by several factors like prostate gland enlargement, damaged nerves, weakened bladder wall, inflammation, and kidney stones. Patients with bladder stones may be asymptomatic or they can experience severe lower abdominal and back pain, difficulty of urination, painful and frequent urination, fever, and blood in the urine.

Bladder stones can be difficult to manage. However, there are ways to prevent their formation. Here are some tips you can follow to help protect you avoid bladder stones.

Drink plenty of water.  Having a low kidney fluid level is one of the causes of bladder stone formation. This can be avoided by drinking your minimum water requirement every day. Water dilutes the high concentration of urine which prevents crystallization of bladder stones.

Avoid fatty foods. Fatty and oily foods can disrupt your kidneys’ normal bodily function. This can result in more concentrated urine, leading to crystallization of minerals. Minimize your consumption of fatty foods and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. This can help cleanse your system and prevent bladder stone formation.

Drink herbal tea. Some teas have properties that help dissolve bladder stones. Look for teas with hydrangea root, gravel root, marshmallow root, and rose hip. As an added benefit, these teas can dissolve uric acid formation in joints.

Drink cranberry juice. Cranberry juice raises your urine’s acidity level which helps prevent bacterial growth in your bladder. This helps avoid urinary tract infections and promotes a healthier renal system which helps prevent formation of bladder stones.

Prostate exam. An enlarged prostate causes urine retention leading to crystallization of minerals in the bladder. Prostate problems should be detected and treated early to avoid this complication. A yearly prostate exam for men over 50 years is recommended.


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