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Nodding off at your desk? Quick tips to stay awake at the office

Aug 3rd, 2012

Stay awake at the officeCan’t keep your eyes open at the office? Don’t take that extra cup of coffee, try exercise instead. Your desk space may be enough to let you perform exercises that help boost your energy and keep sleepiness away. Performing exercises at your work area at least once every hour gives great benefits including burning off those unwanted calories.

Here are some easy ways to stay awake at the office. Some can be done while your working while others may require you to take a short break.

Stretching exercises increase blood flow to the brain and other parts of your body helping you to stay awake. You can perform these exercises even without getting up from your chair. To stretch your spine, reach both arms above your head, bend at the waist and reach down to your toes while seated, go back to the starting position by slowly rolling your back up. While standing, you can also perform windmill stretches. Stand with your arms to your sides, bend down from your waist and reach for your left foot with your right hand, stand back up and reach for your right foot with your left hand. Do not force your body to perform stretching exercises, always ease into these exercises to avoid injuries. Flexibility is achieved as you go along.

Standing is the simplest thing you can do to help keep you awake. Sitting for long periods can induce drowsiness. Standing also increases metabolism to help you burn calories. You can stand up for a several minutes when you feel like dozing off in your desk. You can even burn more calories by alternating between standing and sitting. Some offices permit or even encourage the use of standing desks to help their workers stay fit.

Squats are simple yet challenging exercises that move your muscles and help you avoid sleepiness. Squats strengthens the muscles you use when you sit down or stand up. Perform squats by lowering your bottom toward the chair while bending at the knees. Keep your back straight the whole time. Stop just short of sitting down and stand up again. Squats can be performed even while you’re taking calls.

Easy weight lifting
Engaging your muscles will not only increase your strength but can also wake you up. You can keep weights or exercise bands at your desk to increase the resistance. You can do bicep curls while sitting down by holding the weights and pulling it up using your biceps and bending the elbows. You can also strengthen your shoulders by holding the weights, lifting them to the front and to the sides with straight arms parallel to the ground.


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