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Healthy Ny Health Insurance For Sole Proprietors and Early Retirees

Jan 23rd, 2012

Healthy NY Health insuranceSole Proprietors and Healthy NY
A sole proprietor, according to Healthy NY is defined as the sole owner and the only employee of a business. The business structure does not matter, it could be a corporation, LLC, or D/B/A. However, you will not be eligible to apply as a sole proprietor if you have any employees or you own the business with your spouse or anyone else. Sole proprietors need to meet the same eligibility requirements as individuals. When determining current income, sole proprietors may deduct documented monthly business expenses.

Healthy NY for Students, Recent Graduates, and Young Adults
High school or college students aging off of a parent’s policy may be eligible for Healthy NY health insurance, even with health insurance coverage for the past 12 months. To qualify for the package, eligibility requirements must be met, including work requirement. Work requirement may include part-time work, summer work, and work-study, as long as the work took place within the last 12 months and you received monetary compensation. Unpaid internships cannot be considered as work requirement.

Only your income and your spouse’s should be included, if applicable. Your roommates’ or parents’ income should not be counted even if you live with them.

Your family size should include yourself, your spouse, and your children, if applicable, regardless whether you want Healthy NY coverage for them or not. Parents and roommates should not be included.

Healthy NY Benefits for Early Retirees

Tips for Early Retirees
An early retiree who is not yet eligible for Medicare coverage may consider Healthy NY for their interim health insurance needs. Early retirees applying for Healthy NY should meet eligibility requirements including having worked at some time within the last 12 months. Accepting or exhausting the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) coverage is not a requirement in order to apply for Healthy NY. If you want to wait until you exhaust your COBRA coverage before applying for Healthy NY you should keep in mind that you still need proof of employment within the last 12 months in order to qualify.

Healthy NY Recertification
Annual recertification of eligibility is required in order to continue with the Healthy NY program. Recertification requirements are different from the Healthy NY application requirements. If you attest that you are a New York State resident and meet Healthy NY’s income guidelines, you can recertify and continue with the program. Working within the last 12 months is no longer a requirement at this point.

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