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Get off your bottom, and on to a healthy lifestyle!

Aug 29th, 2012

healthy lifestyle

Sitting too much can cause serious health issues

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is dangerous to your health. It lowers your metabolism leading to weight gain. It can also trigger physical processes which can lead to diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. Even if you spend most of your waking hours in the office, you can still do a lot of things to counteract these ill-effects, stay fit, and burn calories while working. Here are some tips to help you start living a healthy lifestyle.

You can exercise at your desk

You don’t have to give in to your chair when you’re working at your desk. A lot of offices are allowing their workers to use standing desks. Standing up doubles your metabolic rate and makes you use more muscles. This helps you burn more calories. Ask your boss if you can exercise using light weights or resistance bands while at your desk during breaks. You can also replace your chair with a fitness ball to strengthen your core muscles and improve balance.

Walk when you get the chance

Be aware of your daily routines and take advantage of all your opportunities to walk (think of not relying too much on technology). Take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk up to your co-workers to deliver messages instead of using emails or phones. You can walk around the block during lunch breaks to burn excess calories. Create a buddy system in your office so partners can remind each other when it’s time to go for a walk. Take your meetings outside instead of sitting around at the conference room.

Source: Health Insurance Blog

Exercises while commuting or traveling

Sitting in a car is such a bad way to start your day. Take a walk or ride a bike to and from work, you’ll not only save money on gas but raise your metabolism as well. When taking a business trip, choose a hotel with a gym or swimming pool for guests. Don’t forget to bring your workout shoes and clothes along with you.

Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching will help you get rid of body aches from sitting and staring at the computer screen all day. Don’t wait until you feel your muscles get stiff before stretching. Stretch your shoulder by straightening your one arm and pull it towards your body using your other hand. Do this for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat with the other arm. Stretch your neck by tilting your ear towards your shoulder, hold for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat on the other side. To stretch your lower back, twist and stretch to your right side while sitting, hold this position for 15 to 30 minutes and repeat with the opposite side.


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