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Early Signs Of Adult Diabetes

Jun 18th, 2012

Adult diabetesDiabetes is a serious medical problem that strikes almost 1.9 million Americans each year. It can strike anybody at anytime. Some people are born with it while some develop the disease later in life. The latter is known as type 2 diabetes, whereby the body becomes resistant to insulin, thereby raising blood sugar levels. The disease can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. Recognizing the early signs of adult diabetes is key to fighting the disease.

Type 2 diabetes may occur without any signs and symptoms. If they do occur, they can be characterized as being too general to be associated with any serious disease. The only way to tell if you have high sugar levels at the early stages is by checking your blood sugar levels regularly. Successful treatment of the disease depends on early diagnosis.

Patients with high blood sugar levels report of increased thirst and urination. This occurs as the body attempts to decrease blood sugar levels. They also often become hungry even after meals. This is the result of improper insulin utilization which leads to inefficient food-to-energy conversion. The patient will feel the need to eat all the time. Since your body does not consume as much fuel any longer, you will eventually lose weight.

Fatigue also sets in because the body does not get the energy it requires. Many of us get tired because of natural reasons. However, chronic or excessive fatigue should always be reported to your physician as this can be a result of an underlying condition.

Diabetes interferes with the body’s healing process. Cuts and bruises will take too long to heal or not at all. Changes to vision will also occur because high blood sugar causes the lenses to swell.

Doctors warn that the early signs of diabetes may be ignored because of their subtle nature. Great damage is done when patients seek medical help only after years the disease has already taken its toll.

With the proper treatment, people with diabetes can still lead normal lives. If you experience the symptoms above, you should seek your doctor’s advice immediately. You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late.


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