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Uninsured and Unhealthy

Mar 18th, 2011


Statistically, the uninsured and the new phenomenon of underinsured are coming under great scrutiny because of the average status of their overall health. These are the groups of individuals who rarely make an appointment with the medical health care physician when they become ill. This in itself increases the risk of declining health even at a very young age. Depending upon what the individual is stricken with, a mild cold can lead to pneumonia when the cold is left to fester for weeks at a time.

However, the majority of the uninsured and underinsured are unable to receive an adequate health care assessment because of the reluctance to visit with a medical physician. Whether this will change with the implementation of the health bill that was passed almost a year ago is yet to materialize.

The average monthly cost for health insurance has been in the past as it is today, too expensive for the individuals earning minimum wage. These are the same individuals the health reform bill was specifically designed around in order to offer more affordable medical care. Many of these same individuals are able to acquire mini insurance plans through a variety of employers, but they still must pay out of pocket for routine services.

This does present a major difficulty, but there are many individuals who fall into this category. Yes, they are covered with a minimal low-cost health insurance policy, but they are still unable to afford the out of pocket expenses. In many regards, this is no different from having no medical insurance.

Individuals who are completely uninsured are left with no alternatives. They will visit with the local markets and purchase the best over the counter medication they are able to afford. Sometimes there is a beneficial outcome, but sometimes there is not a beneficial outcome. The inadequate coverage of even an affordable health insurance policy will lead them to the nearest emergency room for additional medical health attention.

This becomes more pronounced when children become ill rather than the adults, but regardless, the emergency room at a local community hospital soon becomes overwhelmed with the influx of individuals all seeking medical attention from the few staff members that are available at any given time. This is because health insurance is more expensive than most individuals can afford on an individual basis.

When the emergency room at a local community hospital becomes overwhelmed, it soon becomes very difficult for the attending staff to provide the quality care we have come to expect.

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