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The Challenge of Acquiring Affordable Insurance for Self-Employed

Apr 29th, 2011

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Technically, there are six different types of insurance policies that are readily available to all self-employed entrepreneurs who need one. Nothing for the self-employed entrepreneur comes cheap, so it is important to expect an unusually high price tag to go with the policy of choice. The six different insurance policies that are currently available are:

  1. Health insurance and Disability insurance
  2. Liability insurance and Home-based business insurance
  3. Internet business insurance and Business owners policy

The best chance all self-employed entrepreneurs have when there is no other feasible alternative for insurance coverage is through the Small Business Development Center that is closest to where they reside. This will offer the self-employed entrepreneur an opportunity to purchase a self-employed health insurance policy that will be in the affordable range.

Locating an affordable insurance for self-employed that will satisfy most of what you require will be a difficult task, but it will be worth the search. Just remember it will take patience, time, and planning to accomplish this arduous task. The other various forms of insurance will be worth researching because you will find a need for them in the future, as your small business begins to grow.

When you lack sufficient time away from your new adventure, you can turn to the internet and shop around through the various insurance web sites until you find one that will suit your health care requirements. There are also other small business owners in your local area that you can meet and ask a few questions. They might be able to offer advice that you have not considered.

You will need to understand that no matter which direction you choose to begin, you will be paying more for your affordable health insurance policy than most of your friends. This is because you are purchasing into an insurance plan that the insurance provider will have very little information with which to make a judgment.

Are you considering the affordable care act that passed in March 2010 as a partial salvation? Universal health care will only wind up costing you more and satisfying you with less medical coverage than a traditional insurance policy of the past. This will be a long and sometimes very tiring process, but perseverance will see you through to the end. In the meantime, keep searching and continue to ask questions of the small business owners around you. You may be surprised at some of the advice you will receive.





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