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Sugar and Salt Intake

Feb 28th, 2011

sugar and salt intakeThere are new discussions floating from community to community and it is beginning to reflect an old-fashioned debate. The two new topics introduced into the public arena are with sugar and salt intake. However, even amongst the insurance providers and the medical health care community the debating back and forth keeps bringing new discussions into the public arena.

Is the intake of sugar and salt detrimental to the human species? According to the medical united health care physicians, sugar and salt is held harmless when, like anything else, it is used in moderation. The other problem is when the discussion is about sugar and salt, which is usually over the substitutes, which are laden with chemicals instead of the raw, natural product.

Let us face the facts here as they are and not as we want them to be. We live in a disposable, plastic society that is much different from what our parents and grandparents were raised. They seldom had visits with a medical health physician and the local community hospital was not a first choice place to go in time of need.

Could it be that the quality of food was more wholesome than the processed and irradiated food we are presented with today? Our parents and grandparents had little or no low cost health insurance. It just was not a mandatory issue, not to say they did not become ill during their lifetime or require a form of individual health insurance. They ate red meat from animals that were not pumped up with all kinds of growth hormones and other drugs. Vegetables were straight out of the garden filled with vitamins and minerals.

Sugar and salt was used sparingly. There was no such thing as artificial sugar, and salt, which makes a difference when health care, is involved. Special foods were home baked and reserved for special occasions and not an every day occurrence. Perhaps that is what makes the difference with the medical health community.

Salt is bad for high blood pressure, but why is there a push to ban it when it does not affect everyone? Should we all be mandated to consume the universal health care diet of the diabetics even though we have not been diagnosed with diabetes?

The insurance providers and the medical health community are pushing for the citizens to eat a healthier diet and live a healthier lifestyle. The medical health physicians want all citizens to stop drinking coffee, tea, soda, non-carbonated fruit drinks, milk and that leaves only water. The medical health physicians want to eliminate fatty food, red meat, and fried food. A little common sense and moderation would work much better.

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