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Subsidized Health Insurance for Self Employed

May 25th, 2011

health insurance for self employedWritten into the pages of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an obscure entry. It is titled the Early Retirement Reinsurance Program. This is going to be set up as a government funded, subsidized affordable health insurance program for all the state and government employees who want to retire before they reach the accepted age of sixty-five.

The trade off is to help current entrepreneurs to pay for a low cost insurance policy for all employees between the ages of fifty-five and sixty-five. Why this is necessary is uncertain, but it is an offering through the government to help keep a certain group of employees well covered with insurance. The government is offering this insurance coverage for expenses of up to eighty percent.

The quiet insertion covers information on how to keep the health insurance  for self employed expenses as low as possible for older citizens. Does this mean that older adults who continue to be employed are going to receive rationed care? What will happen to those employees who have a better option and decide to leave the inexpensive insurance program that the employer is offering? Where will employees go who require a more formidable inexpensive insurance policy that the employer no longer is offering?

At the current time, the most affordable health insurance assistance is going to the states, organizations, and private employers with the intent to save money. You have to wonder what type of medical care that will be offered the next time you, as an employee, will receive. Maybe we need to take a closer look and investigate who is really going to benefit from the government intervention.

Are you wondering what the self employed health insurance consequences will be now that these changes are included with the affordable care act? It is very difficult to understand why government employees who live off taxpayer dollars, via the federal government, require even more assistance on top of what they are already privileged to receive.
Think about it. Over the next few years, universal health insurance for self employed will blanket the entire country and government employees will still be entitled to better health benefits than the rest of the population? The institution of the government run single payer medical care was considered to be the salvation of the medical community.

What happened? All citizens are subjected to the same insurance coverage. The same medical treatment that the people were told would bring down the cost of care. Of course, it does appear the costs are continuing to rise even higher and faster, but the government will find a way to take care of the little misstep.

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