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Self-Employed Insurance for seniors

Jan 4th, 2011

self-employed insuranceThere are many individuals today who have prospered under an employer for many years. Now, they have reached a point in time that instead of considering retirement they are considering opening a business of their own. Financially, they are sounder today than they have ever been. Issues related to health insurance loom on the horizon, but they will need to research what is available to them.

The way it stands statistically, about sixty-five percent of all uninsured individuals are self-employed, freelance, or are employed with a small business entrepreneur. This is a very dismal view of our health insurance system. Gaining self-employed health insurance is possible, but it will take some time to ascertain an affirmative understanding of what health care is available.

The demographics throughout the country are displaying a view where most of the individuals who are now looking to open their own business are fifty years old and older. This is a time for embracing long held ideas and observing as they slowly materialize into a reality. This is an exciting time, but it also opens many questions when it comes to health insurance.

Many are not sure where to begin finding an affordable health insurance plan of their own because they spent decades under an employer sponsored low cost health insurance plan. Now they must incorporate into their new business a new self-employed insurance plan that is both accessible in a multitude of health insurance coverage and affordable. The current self-employed health insurance breaks down into a few categories.

1.    Over two million have individual health insurance, which is very costly

2.    Over three million carry an affordable self-employed health insurance policy

3.    Over three million are listed under an affordable health insurance policy through their spouse

4.    Over half a million receive low cost health insurance through a government funded program

5.    Only a little over three million individuals actually carry an affordable self-employed health insurance

Of course, the one factor that does play into the self-employed health insurance for older adults is that once they reach sixty-five years of age they will still be eligible for Medicare health insurance. This may be true for most self-employed individuals, but income does play an active role.

This could cause some to be disqualified for Medicare health insurance coverage. There are many new changes that continue to appear through the health care reform bill and this is one area of health insurance that will require some homework for eligibility.

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