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Self employed Health Insurance Problems

Apr 18th, 2011

health insurance tips Self-employed sole proprietors along with the small business entrepreneur are about to face a daunting difficulty with the rules, laws, and regulations woven into the health reform bill that was passed in March 2010. Many of the new mandated rules will apply to the established small business that have fewer than fifty employees, but the new sole proprietor is left out of the loop.

When the new self-employed proprietor begins the search for an affordable self employed health insurance, they will be running head on into a brick wall. The new insurance regulations will not permit them to purchase any type of group insurance and the individual health insurance policies will cost more than what they are able to afford.

When you add a handful of employees, which are usually family members and close friends the task becomes next to impossible. These are the creative self-employed individuals who will be lead into the government run single payer system, which is what the government wanted to offer for insurance services from the beginning.

This new type of universal health care coverage will come in the form of the state run insurance exchanges, which will offer a low-cost health insurance policy to you based on your current income. Of course, you will need to provide documentation that what you are presenting is factual and current or you will be turned away.

Another consideration for the sole proprietor and self-employed is when there are one or more pre-existing health conditions that will cause the state health insurance exchange to refer you to a higher, less affordable insurance policy. This will only cause more difficulties than what you are already facing.

The united health care system is being turned up side down and in a few years will be unrecognizable to the average citizen. There will be very little choices and most citizens will be directed into the government run single payer health system when all is said and done. Will this be the pathway to an improved version of individual care? Will we the people be left with a watered down version of the health care system we once took for granted?

The state insurance exchanges that will be presented will help to locate an insurance policy that will fit the needs and requirements of every individual, but will offer very little about improved care, as we know it. These state run insurance exchanges will only help you in locating an insurance policy, but actual care will be another story.






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