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Self employed health insurance expense

May 5th, 2011

self employed health insuranceHow many citizens of this fine country really believed that the introduction of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was the cure all for the reduction of medical cost and insurance cost? How many self-employed individuals even gave thought to what they would have to relinquish in order to reach the hypothesized end goal?

The majority of self-employed citizens wanted a change because they realized that the cost of self employed health insurance in general was getting out of hand. However, was it really change the citizens wanted or was it more of a correction to bring medical costs and health insurance costs back in line. What we have that was passed into law about a year ago is an albatross that will drain every individual, family, and business.

We the people have been told many times, how this new affordable care act will save the country billions of dollars over the next ten years. When you take a closer look, you begin to observe a much different picture than what you were told. Though it is true that we will save about six billion dollars over the next ten years, this figure represents less than two percent of the total money to be spent.

Since the passage of the affordable care act, many large businesses and small businesses have begun to notify their employees that even low cost health insurance will no longer be provided. This in turn is causing difficulty for the many employees. These employees are now scrambling to locate an affordable insurance plan in order to continue some of the medical coverage they once had.

Small business employees with families who are healthy will have a much easier time locating an insurance policy to accommodate, but what will happen to other employees who have pre-existing medical conditions? Will these employees and their families reluctantly turn to state insurance plans? They’ll realize that an affordable health insurance plan would be very difficult to acquire at a cost they are able to afford.

We the people are also being enlightened to the premise of preventive care as a method to reduce the more radical and expensive medical maneuvers. As time passes, more of the innovative technological advantages we enjoy today will diminish, as these are expensive health aids. When universal health care covets the entire country will you be more comfortable with your insurance provisions or less comfortable.

One simple fact is being kept hidden from public view regarding this new affordable care act. The fact that insurance expenses and medical health expenses will continue to rise substantially is a known dilemma that we as a country will still be facing in the future.



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