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Self Employed Health Insurance Cost Reduction

May 11th, 2011

self employed health insuranceThere are many known reasons why self employed health insurance is becoming so expensive that families, businesses, and individuals are beginning to rethink the worth of the policy. How sad when more insurance policies are being discontinued that renewed by the mass public. The overhead cost per family has risen so dramatically that pay scales have not been able to keep up with the pace.

Many of the large corporations along with the small businesses are beginning to stop the offering of inexpensive health insurance as part of the hiring practice. With the passage of each year, this practice is becoming more predominant than it has ever been in past years. Everyone agrees that something must be accomplished to reign in the high cost, but no one is sure which direction is best to journey.

In part, the rising cost of medical insurance in general is because of the rapid growth of technological equipment that can more accurately diagnose a major illness. Attempting to contain some of the out of control spending is not going to be an easy task, but it can be accomplished with time, patience, and cooperation. One of the first issues that require attention is the medical fraud that some have literally built an industry with to pursue their personal goals.

The health insurance providers, medical physicians, and hospital staff must join together to help weed out those who are undeserving of free medical care and others who continuously milk the system to remain off their employment. Once this one aspect has been accomplished, the health industry as a unit can then turn their attention to the medical health care physicians, hospitals, and staff members who submit insurance claims that are padded with medical items and devices that were not considered for various patients.

Fraud is everywhere and trying to weed it out will take a long time, but in the end, it will save everyone from the climbing expenses that exist today. The entire premise is to reduce the cost of the annual insurance policy and in turn reducing the average monthly cost of health insurance for all subscribers.  The joint cooperation will soon create an atmosphere for affordable insurance for all citizens and perhaps with the addition of better coverage. Other outside factors include the following.

  1. The tracking of key cost factors such as pharmaceutical medications
  2. Understanding pharmaceutical costs and locations
  3. Attempt an educated assumption of projected costs



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