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Researching Self-Employed Health Insurance

Jan 4th, 2011

self-employed health insuranceEven with the passage of the health care reform bill in March 2010, there are still a few advantages with self-employed health insurance. Having the ability to maintain a quality health insurance for yourself and for your family members is important. This one aspect to operating your own business is also very rewarding, but locating the most beneficial health insurance for your money will take some homework. There are a few areas of research that will be time consuming, but rewarding.

1.    Health insurance for sole proprietorships

2.    Health insurance for small business entrepreneurs

3.    Health insurance through the local Chamber of Commerce

4.    Health Savings Accounts, but they are being eliminated for the government favored  health insurance exchanges

One of the major advantages of sole proprietorships is the tax advantages that open up to help reduce your annual tax burden. However, this also creates an atmosphere of high priced health insurance that is anything but affordable. The Health Savings Account was one of the ways the sole proprietor could reduce the cost of health insurance, but this is being discontinued for the government run single payer health insurance.

However, you still have the ability to research other health insurance avenues and the self-employed health insurance offers you access to other group health insurance policies. If you are active in sports activities, you may find you can purchase health insurance through the sports related group insurance.

Another choice involves purchasing the most affordable health insurance plan that is available and request a high annual deductible. Other self-employed individuals will find opportunities through the local Chamber of Commerce. They have the ability to offer low cost health insurance because of the hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of other self-employed individuals enrolling into the group health insurance the Chamber of Commerce offers.

Professional organizations and professional trade associations also have the ability to offer a variety of self-employed health insurance because of the many avenues they are able to incorporate. Becoming a member in any one of these organizations offers you the ability to gain self-employed health insurance at a very affordable rate. This is mostly because of the numbers game.

Those individuals, who enroll into a specific health insurance plan, help to lower the average monthly cost for health insurance for each person. This is an ingenious way for those self-employed individuals with a pre-existing health care condition to be accepted into a health insurance plan without the fear of the standard waiting period.


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