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Reforming Health Care

Feb 8th, 2011

health careReforming the health care reform bill is going to be a very daunting task because of the enormity of the health bill in its entirety. There are also pending difficulties that will continue to keep certain factions of the bill in place longer than anyone wants. The consensus across the entire nation is to have the health reform bill replaced with one that will reach out to all Americans.

Health insurance renewals continue to rise as with the medical health costs when you try to make an appointment with your medical health physician. Of course, that will only be if you are permitted to visit with the medical health physician that you were accustomed to visiting.

The medical physician running hospitals and medical clinics are quietly closing as part of the mandate that was written into the health reform bill. This is by design to introduce the government-run medical care or universal health care to the American citizenry before they have a chance to realize what is happening.

Unfortunately, there are parts of the health reform bill that are tied to penalties and taxes. These will become very difficult without voiding out the entire health bill, which at this point is impossible. Guess that means that we the people are stuck with a universal style health care reform bill that makes very little sense and helps very few individuals.

The average monthly cost for health insurance in many households is costing families more than their rental payments or mortgage payments. This is causing many individuals who currently are enrolled in an affordable insurance plan through their group insurance plan with their employer, to cancel.

With the passage of time, there will be more individuals without any affordable health insurance than there are today and that can only mean that millions of individuals will be hindered, if not hurt by this health reform bill. We the people will have to become creative and find new ways to remain healthy.

There are a few that have begun looking into the old apothecary ways of growing herbs in the backyard or even in a room of the home that offer beneficial health care powers. One of the more popular plants is the Aloe plant in which the leaves offer some medicinal value for simple burns and open cuts. However, it took well over a year to bring government-run insurance to fruition.

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