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Recognized Symptoms of Lupus

Jan 5th, 2011

symptoms of lupusThe medical health care physicians across the country have spent many years in an attempt to research and recognize the different signs of the autoimmune disease of Lupus. Some believe that the earlier this autoimmune disease is diagnosed the better the chances are for the individual. The health insurance providers are also very aware of how deadly this autoimmune disease is because it affects all the organs indiscriminately. Organs such as the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and skin are constantly under attack.

Even the body tissues and the blood are affected and the health insurance providers are very aware of this issue. Many of the individuals suffering and living with Lupus are enrolled with a high-risk health insurance because of the diversification. Here are some of the known symptoms of Lupus recognized by the medical health care community are the following.

1.    Chronic fatigue and perpetual rashes

2.    A form of arthritis, though not deforming

3.    Difficulty with memory and fibromyalgia

4.    Health care issues with unusual hair loss such as alopecia

5.    Sporadic joint inflammation

6.    Kidney disease and low blood counts

7.    Thyroid disease

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that many, until recently, have known little.  Today, the medical health care physicians and the health insurance providers are beginning to grasp a better, more detailed knowledge of this disease. The medical health care community has discovered that cholesterol lowering medications, or Statins; contain an anti-inflammatory action that was unknown before.

The prevention of the coronary arteries rupturing because of the build up of plaque is something recently addressed by the medical health care community and the health insurance providers are beginning to study the outcome more closely. The medical breakthroughs of recent years are proving promising. The medical health care community and the various health insurance providers are hopeful of attaining a better understanding.

When there are definitive answers to this autoimmune disease, the health insurance providers may discontinue considering Lupus as a pre-existing condition. This change will help many individuals because by reducing the cost of an annual health insurance policy it also reduces the average monthly cost for health insurance.

All individuals who have received the diagnosis of Lupus have rearranged their lifestyle to try to accommodate. They plan their dietary meals with more fruits and vegetables and take other dietary supplements approved by their medical health care physician. Planning a time of day for half an hour of moderate exercise is another addition that was not considered before.

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