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Preventive Care in Health Care Reform

Jan 7th, 2011

health care reformPreventive health care delivery in the new health care reform bill is very clear to the intent of the law. Preventive health care falls under the wellness health care centers that will soon be built throughout the country. This will be more of a convenience center for the minor health care issues that arise daily in many households.

The wellness centers are the place to turn to for the simple cuts, scratches, a few stitches, and a high fever and depending on the wellness health care center, even patients with broken bones may be accepted. Most of the time these wellness health care centers will be staffed with individuals who have studied in the health care system and are capable of taking care of the simple, mundane mishaps that occur.

They will not be equipped for individuals involved in a major automobile accident. This will be on reserve for the few medical health care physicians that are still practicing physicians in the community hospital setting.

In general, because there will be more patients than there are medical health care physicians there will be a natural mandated order. This means that health care will be rationed, but what we do not know yet is how rationed it will be. It will be very difficult to add over thirty million individuals to the individual health insurance rolls and expect to receive medical health care assistant as in the past.

All the health insurance providers are now mandated to pay for all the routine medical attention that every individual will require to remain well in order to be a productive citizen. This is going to be very costly and could put the health insurance industry out of business as we have come to understand it.

When you call a local medical health care physician to make an appointment, you may be told that you must wait for weeks before you will have your turn. What will you do? You will be forced to suffer alone with a few home remedies or you will visit one of the wellness health care centers in your neighborhood and wait your turn.

The one main difference is that you probably will not see a medical physician. The staff in the majority of the wellness health care centers will have registered nurses, osteopathic doctors, and physician assistants to diagnose and treat your illness. Perhaps for minor health care difficulties a few herbal plants and home remedies like chicken soup would be a better alternative.

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