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No Insurance, No Treatment

Feb 2nd, 2011

no insuranceOn average, there are millions of individuals who carry no affordable health insurance because of the high cost. Others refrain from any insurance policy because they are aware of the pre-existing medical conditions they are afflicted. The standard age bracket for individuals with no insurance is between eighteen years of age and sixty-four years of age.

Individuals who are convinced they are healthy and have never had any reason for alarm will go through most of their life with periodic insurance. Others will lack even a low cost health insurance policy when they are in between places of employment. This unfortunately is more common that one may think.

Though this may be common, is it the best way? Many of the individuals become frustrated and make the decision to begin their own self-employed business. When the decision is made, it is in the best interest of the individual to research the requirements for self-employed health insurance as a priority.

Due to the constantly rising medical health costs, small businesses, self-employed entrepreneurs, and others are finding it very difficult to attain any insurance policy they can afford. Other self-employed individuals are looking at the health savings accounts even though they must absorb a high deductible. Each year it is becoming more difficult, but what is the alternative?

However, without viable health insurance the individual is open to many serious problems they have yet to consider. Will you have enough funds set aside for an unexpected catastrophic event that will occur at some point during your lifetime? How will you be able to hand a health situation when you are turned away because you lack an insurance policy or the money to pay for the medical care?

This can happen because you did not envision the necessity of acquiring even a low cost health insurance policy. If you have family members, this could traumatize everyone. Some individuals will have their other assets, like their personal home, attached to their self-employed business and run the risk of forfeiting everything.

Remaining uninsured is another way of forfeiting the opportunity for quality health care if you are suffering from a major incident. Stay away from the private hospitals because you will not even make it through the front doors, only the community hospitals will take in those individuals without any means of insurance. Lack of insurance coverage also means that the self-employed will continue to wait longer before seeking the advice of a medical health physician.

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