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New Changes to Health Care

Feb 18th, 2011

health careThe insurance industry will be struggling with the new rules, laws, and regulations being mandated to curb expenditures in relation to the medical care community.  The insurance industry has its own set of complications to deal with since the health care reform has become law. Many in the insurance industry must forfeit their long-standing supplemental low cost health insurance policies.

These are insurance policies mainly for those citizens who are enrolled in the Medicare wellness insurance program. The government is having these supplemental affordable health insurance policies void and the individuals involved will be facing personal difficulties for the extra expenses.

The medical health physicians are facing another set of problems because of the reduction in Medicare reimbursements. These medical health physicians will be losing about twenty-one percent of their income because of the new mandated changes to the health care system. There are a few ways the medical health physicians can minimize their losses and continue with the present functional medical practice.

1.    Medical health physicians have the option to minimize the number of Medicare and TRICARE patients they take in

2.    Medical health physicians can schedule their Medicare patients for preventive health care services

3.    Medical united health care physicians can schedule more services in which they have their specialty, causing individuals to pay out of pocket

4.    Stagger appointments for families with young children who require school physicals before each new year

5.    Stagger appointments for families with children enrolled in active school sport activities

These are only a few suggestions to help ease the shortfall as universal health care takes hold on the country. Though many medical health care physicians are no longer accepting Medicare patients into their practice, they are trying to build up a relationship with other medical health patients by offering a variety of amenities.

There really is no easy solution that will satisfy the vast majority, but it is certainly a beginning. More medical physicians are researching the possibility of billing patients directly and foregoing Medicare health insurance patients. Where will this leave the millions of Medicare patients currently on the rolls?

The state of Texas, along with a few other states have already ruled out new Medicare patients. All the medical health physicians have repeatedly said they will no longer take in Medicare patients into their medical health practice. What happens to those medical health care practices that has a majority of patients on Medicare?

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