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More Efficient Health Insurance Through Population Management

Apr 15th, 2011

health insurancePopulation management in the sense of a healthier population within this great land will take much more strategy. The patient, insurance provider and the medical health community all need to have access to pertinent medical records to make this part of the health care reform to be operational and efficient. This would not be an ad-hoc strategy, but one of precision for every individual when the need arises.

One of the areas the medical health community are searching to begin with are those individuals within the community who are diagnosed diabetics. Think of it as a sort of individual health insurance hot line that even the insurance provider can tap into when the need arises. Having a patient’s medical health records accessible to those it is designated will be of great importance.

This will help to simplify what has been a growing problem in the country as individuals uproot and move to another county, or another state. The most common reason for individuals to move about a state or around the country is for employment. Health at this point takes a back seat until the individual is once again settled in another area.

Diabetics have a more delicate situation in the form of diabetes they were originally diagnosed with as their personal health insurance history may be at risk. In the past, the individual would make an appointment with a medical health physician and begin all over again.

When the insurance provider and the medical health physician have access to electronic medical records and the individual’s low-cost health insurance information, pertaining to the patient it will save much time, effort, and cost for the patient and the insurance provider. The last thing anyone in the medical health community wants is a duplication of testing that was previously accomplished.

This also saves the current insurance provider additional money to be paid out on behalf of the insured. These small steps can and do add up very quickly when you take into account how many individuals with diabetes are moving around in search of new employment. The goal today is to help reduce the cost of affordable health insurance and medical care while continuing to provide adequate assistance to the patient.

The possibility of more affordable insurance is on the horizon. It will take some rearranging and changing on the part of the medical health physicians and the reorganization of many of the hospitals across the country. However, when all is said and done this is one procedure that will help to enhance the entire health system and afford it to perform efficiently.

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