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More Choices for Self Employed Health Insurance

May 6th, 2011

self employed health insuranceThe conversation that is going around with regard to The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the many choices all citizens will have in the future when this new government mandated universal health care can be fully implemented. You have to wonder if this is true because there are others who say the affordable care act will paralyze all citizens.

How can anyone even suggest that we the people will have the freedom of choice when the entire health system will be under the umbrella of the federal government? It has been stated that an estimated fifteen thousand dollars will be saved on average for a family of four by the institution of this affordable health insurance policy.

What you are not being told is that this figure is for a family of four with an annual gross salary of about thirty-three thousand dollars a year. Only you will have the ability to decide if new form of insurance will benefit you and your family members. Most businesses will have the opportunity to begin saving through the government sanctioned tax credits that will begin in January 2014.

Until then we the people are left to wonder and attempt to research what will be there down the road. Considering that the self employed health insurance costs continue to climb year after year, what will the savings be in relation to what we have in existence today. Will there really be a savings? Since the beginning of January 2011 new rules, laws, and regulations have gone into effect.

One of the changes is with the insurance industry that now are required to return a minimum of eighty percent of overhead profit back to the care of the subscribers and toward current and future improvements. The affordable health insurance industry is no longer permitted to run their own business as they see fit, but must conform to the wishes of the federal government. You have to wonder how long this will continue.

Most of the small businesses are now eligible for a thirty-five percent tax credit to help cover the expense of providing low cost health insurance to their employees. How many small businesses want to be obligated to the federal government? How many small businesses want the federal government meddling into their business operations? Is the tax credit really worth having? The newly instituted Early Retiree Reinsurance Program seems to be off to a good beginning too, but for how long?



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