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Medical Physicians and Medicare

Jan 14th, 2011

medicareAll concerned in the medical health care community have been notified they will be receiving a reduction in their Medicare reimbursements in the future. The reduction in reimbursements will be a total of twenty-one percent and will affect all medical health care physicians that have Medicare patients on their rolls.

Now the medical health care physicians are being faced with an insurmountable dilemma they were never expecting to face. How will they be able to absorb the shortfall in the reimbursements from the government and keep their individual health care practice viable?

One of the issues will be with their remaining patients. Those patients who carry affordable health insurance are not affected by Medicare. However, there is consideration for increasing the cost to each patient to cover this shortfall, but is this the more logical and fair solution.

Many of the current medical health care physicians are becoming very frustrated at the prospects of what the future holds. Some are considering leaving their private medical health care clinics behind and accepting employment through the local community hospitals in their area. Other medical health care physicians are leaving the medical health care community completely to endeavor in other scientifically challenging fields.

At this current time, there are more questions than there are answers and it is the uncertainty that is most disturbing. One of the main issues for all medical health care physicians is how they will maintain their relationship with the various health insurance providers. Questioning and long-term disputes over a patient’s bill will not help to sustain the medical health care physician’s medical practice.

This is a time when the health insurance providers and the medical health care physicians need to come together to put a viable plan together. The medical health care physician may want to concentrate more on those individual patients who pay out of pocket. In this way, they will not be affected by the new rules and laws of the health care mandates that are being put into place.

Another option for the medical health care physician is to concentrate on the younger families who are not affected by Medicare. These are individuals and families that have viable low cost health insurance policies with a higher rate of expenditure. Of course, this will hurt all those individuals who are dependent upon the government-run Medicare system for the medical needs. However, this is one of those unintended consequences that the government should have paid closer attention to before passing such an extensive health care reform bill.

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