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Mandated Rules

Feb 4th, 2011

mandated rulesWe as a nation have already begun to find out some of the information that is wrapped into the over two thousand pages of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It will still take the next few years to fully absorb all the health changes both known and unknown before we can come to a logical conclusion.

One of the health care issues is with the Internal Revenue Service. The agency is going to expand more than it has already expanded by another almost twenty thousand employees to handle all the new paperwork that will be coming in.  The insurance providers are already trying to learn what is written into the bill along with the medical health community because our insurance industry and care giving is about to drastically change.

To begin with, every individual is mandated to carry affordable health insurance coverage and many throughout the country are very upset. Employers are either asking their current employees to pay more out of pocket for an employer-sponsored insurance policy through the employer’s group insurance plan or research an independent low cost insurance policy on their own.

Many employers are discontinuing low cost health insurance because of the many new mandated rules, law, and regulations that are being attached. It makes more sense for the employer to discontinue the group insurance plan, and be mandated to pay the penalty fee per current full time and part time employee instead. Another new piece of the health reform bill is for the Internal Revenue Service to be in complete charge of the distribution, delivery, and average monthly cost for health insurance.

This is going to be a very unsettling factor when this issue is in full bloom. The medical health physicians are closing their doors to private practice because of this. Others are refusing to take on new Medicare and Medicaid patients because of the twenty-one percent reduction in federal reimbursement payments.

Now we can add the medical prescription drug program to this issue. It seems that universal health is taking root in this once free country and we the people are not very happy about this. All health insurance claims must go through the Internal Revenue Service.

When they receive your personal medical records to match them up with your recent insurance claim they will decide if the affordable insurance policy you chose is sufficient.  When they deem it is not, they will instruct you to purchase higher quality insurance. You, the citizen will have no recourse but to obey.

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