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Losing Affordable Health Care Insurance

Apr 13th, 2011

affordable health care insuranceSince the government was kind, enough to pass with excellence with the implementation of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act there are unintended consequences that are beginning to surface, and we the people are only at the very beginning of this new health care transitional period.

One of the earliest items to surface recently is the possibility that between fifty percent and seventy percent of the employed citizens are at risk of losing their current insurance coverage through no fault of their own. There are countless employers who will not be able to continue their low cost health insurance for their employees.

The new government mandates are just more than what they are able to afford at this time. It will be less expensive for the employer to pay the existing fine that was established than it will to pay for the full expense of each insurance policy. How many even remember the rhetoric before the health reform bill was signed into law.

We the people were being told over and over how we could continue to visit with the medical health physician we were accustomed to visiting when we became ill. Now we are finding out that this is not necessarily the case because many of the insurance providers are dropping their individual health insurance policies because of cost.

Other employers are not renewing existing insurance policies for their employees, which leaves their employees to scramble to gain an insurance policy elsewhere and hope that the medical health physician they are accustomed to visiting will be on the new insurance list. Other medical physicians are closing the doors to the private practice and relocating outside of the country. Now where does that leave you and your family? This is only one of the unintended consequences that the government failed to envision happening.

Affordable health care insurance policies are no longer affordable and the benefits to the health coverage are shrinking. There are more nuances that will be discontinued or no longer covered because of the new rules, laws, and regulations that are already here and others that are about to take effect. Guess no one considered all the different scenarios when they were supposed to be reading the over two thousand page health bill.

What is very confusing is the fact that when employees are hired in, part of the package is the annual health insurance policy in lieu of a higher annual salary. There has not been anything said if the employers who are discontinuing annual insurance coverage for their employees are offering a raise in the annual salary. Does this mean the employee is on the losing end no matter how this all plays out? However, there is a positive side to the universal health care for those who continue with coverage and for their families.

  1. Your children are covered under your affordable health care insurance policy and you may never be eliminated because of a major health matter
  2. No long will you or family members be denied health coverage
  3. Insurance maximum lifetime limits are eliminated
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