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Insurance for Self Employed Individuals

Jun 7th, 2011

self-empployed health insuranceHIP insurance is not yet in every state, but for the state where it is offered, it makes life a little easier for the independent employer. Considering that there is barely much offered to the independent sole proprietor’s around the country it is nice that this insurance coverage exists and has grown since its early beginnings. Insurance coverage for the sole proprietor began in 1947 as a very simple and basic offering of insurance coverage that would protect the sole proprietor from an unexpected catastrophic event. Had this not existed, many more injuries would have caused the death of thousands. This insurance for self employed offers insurance assistance with a few of the following medical services.

  1. Medical physician co-payments of thirty dollars per incident
  2. Specialist medical physician co-payments of fifty dollars per incident
  3. Hospital assistance and surgery co-payments of one thousand dollars per incident
  4. Assistance with emergency room affordable health insurance co-payment reimbursements per incident
  5. One hundred dollar deductible on general brand prescription coverage
  6. Ten dollar deductible on most other prescription coverage
  7. Assistance with the dental coverage and vision coverage

This insurance for self employed is not widely known throughout the country, but the states that do permit this type of insurance coverage for the sole proprietors find it to be a very successful insurance program that it is wide demand. The rates available under the prime HMO insurance plan is about one thousand two hundred ninety five dollars per month, while the self-employed rates for a sole proprietor is holding steady at about five hundred ten dollars per month. The specialized PPO health ins plans will include a little better insurance coverage such as:

  1. Insurance co-payments of thirty dollars for medical physicians per incident
  2. Insurance co-payments of fifty dollars for medical specialists per incident
  3. Deductible and co-payments for hospitalization up to two thousand dollars per incident
  4. Emergency room co-payments of one hundred fifty dollars per incident
  5. One hundred dollar deductible for generic medical prescriptions per incident
  6. Ten dollar medical prescription coverage per generic prescription medication, per incident
  7. Insurance coverage provisions for vision, dental, and wellness appointments

What is so amazing is that the sole proprietor has the potential of receiving more than adequate medical and insurance coverage for a minimal cost and yet the vast population barely even understands that this is a viable solution. Perhaps now it will continue to grow in popularity and help the hundreds of thousand of sole proprietors around the country at a time when medical assistance is growing scarce.


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