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Higher Premiums to Employees

Jan 3rd, 2011

higher premiumsEmployers have been absorbing the health insurance expense for their employees for decades, but in return, they are also able to deduct the cost of health insurance expenses on their annual tax forms. This has been the standard trade off for all employers and is a system that has worked well until now.

The cost of even a low cost health insurance policy for an employer has been becoming a higher premium increasing in cost for many years. What many employers have done is to pass the additional cost to their employees through the average monthly cost for health insurance. Employees are finding that the amount that is being deducted from their payroll check for health insurance coverage is increasing more with each new renewal.

Over the past few years, the cost of health insurance for the general public has increased tremendously causing many individuals to cancel their once affordable health insurance policy. Employee share to offset the cost of the average monthly cost for health insurance has increased almost fifty percent and this is causing employers and employees to rethink the entire health insurance issue.

Many employers have forfeited offering low cost health insurance as part of their current hiring package. This is leaving many potential employees to request more in salary to compensate what they will have to pay out of pocket for even a low cost health insurance policy.

Another difficulty with the offering of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the ever-increasing deductibles; a health insurance subscriber is now obligated to pay out of pocket before the health insurance provider will begin to pay a fair share. Employees are beginning to believe it is impossible to keep current with the ever-rising health care expenses out of pocket.

What good is it to have an affordable health insurance policy when you already know it will not help you with your health care expenses? The daily mishaps that lead to a medical physician office visit will be outdated when there is no subsidized assistance. To find you have a health insurance deductible of a few thousand dollars means you will have to look to other alternatives to heal yourself when you become ill.

Employees are now facing stagnant wages at best, yet their annual health insurance policies are increasing at an annual rate of twelve percent. Most employees are beginning to recognize the futility of searching for employment where an affordable health insurance policy is also part of the hiring package.

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