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High Blood Pressure

Jan 28th, 2011

high blood pressureHigh-pressure tension is what high blood pressure is in simple terms. Not every adult is affected with high blood pressure, but unfortunately, a very large portion of the population today is affected. The medical health community physicians consider 120 over 80 as the normal with which to judge whether an individual is affected with low blood pressure or high blood pressure.

The first number or systolic blood pressure will explain to the medical health care physician how your blood is functioning as your heart is contracting and pumping the nourishing blood into your blood stream. The second number or diastolic pressure expresses how your heart is functioning and reacting when it relaxes between beats.

The medical health community does break down blood pressure into segments that fit with the majority of the population. The health insurance industry on the other side of the coin will treat high blood pressure as a pre-existing condition. Unfortunately, this is what will cause you, the individual, grief when you are attempting to locate a low cost health insurance policy.

However, with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act all the states of the union are expected to set up high-risk insurance pools for all individuals who are suffering with one or more pre-existing condition. There are a few states currently that are fighting this government mandate and only through the passage of time will we the people learn if this new health-trick universal health insurance mandate will stand. A few of the medical health side effects of prolonged high blood pressure are the following.

1.    Cardiac damage and disease

2.    Kidney disease, and hardening of the arteries

3.    Severe eye damage and brain damage as in a stroke

The main reason why the medical health community stresses the need for all individuals to be tested for high blood pressure is that the damage caused to the various internal organs will be permanent. How sad when most adults do not pay attention until it is too late to do anything to stop the damage.

There is also a very large population of children and teenagers who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. This will mean many changes in their daily lifestyle in order to become healthy adults. The children of today will receive the necessary united health care because with the new government health mandate, no child with a pre-existing condition can be turned away.

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