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Help with Prostate Cancer

Feb 10th, 2011

prostate cancerThe insurance providers do their best to absolve themselves from any responsibility when one of their own insurance subscribers is diagnosed with prostate cancer. What is interesting is how they do not discriminate by the age of the affected individual. Do they not understand that being diagnosed with prostate cancer alone is difficult enough for an individual to accept?

The health insurance providers cringe because they understand well the medical health costs that are involved with prostate cancer and the expense that goes into the care and rehabilitation. The individual is having a difficult enough time trying to cope with this disease and seek out the most affordable treatments only to have the insurance provider to deny insurance coverage.

How many young men and older men could have survived this disease if their insurance providers allowed more toward the medical prescription medication, which is very expensive? Difficulties stem from the quality of low cost health insurance the individual has been paying. Most employers are not going to invest in the best possible insurance for their employees; most investments are with the standard insurance plans.

This also means these are the individuals who are forfeiting their affordable health insurance and turning to the state for assistance. An affordable policy will only offer so much assistance and that comes after the deductible has been met. Every insurance policy has a different deductible depending upon what the individual chose in the beginning. The country today is suffering as more individuals and families are being let go of their employment.

However, through the state insurance they are receiving some of the medical health care they have been requiring. Hormonal therapy and chemotherapy is only the beginning, but at least the individual can now find some assistance. Other individuals are not as fortunate and as young, as they are becoming a statistic instead of being able to live out their lives.

Men as young as thirty-two years old are becoming a statistic because they lacked the
money to afford even the average monthly cost for health insurance. They so desperately required assistance to pay the medical health expenses and necessary hospitalization. There are a few medications as part of the treatment, but they are very expensive and are only able to offer a few more months at best. Maybe in the future, like with many other killing diseases, there will be a cure for this too.

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