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Health Insurance Rules for Employer

Feb 16th, 2011

health insuranceMany corporations, whether a large corporation with one hundred thousand or more employees or a small business with under fifty employees will be mandated to restructure their current low-cost health insurance policies to fall under the new medical insurance guidelines. Statistically, this will incorporate four corporations in ten corporations and countless employees currently employed.

Under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, all full-time employees will be requested to pay ten percent of their entire household income towards the new insurance coverage for years to come. The same employers will be penalized a fee of between two thousand dollars and three thousand dollars per full time employee when there is so much as one employee who is unable to pay for the mandated universal health care system.

These employees will have the option to purchase health insurance through the health insurance exchange, which is still in the blueprint stages but at a much higher annual cost to the employer. To avoid additional government-mandated penalties does the employer then ask the one employee to leave?

Since the new health reform bill is cost-determined based on household income, how does an employer gather personal information that is really none of their concern? Are employers now mandated to take a survey of all individuals living together in a household as one unit all in the name of affordable health insurance?

Is it now the employer’s responsibility to keep a log on all employees and their family members? Should this insurance mandate happen, then how many family members will simply stop working? How many working couples will separate or divorce in order to salvage what few belongings they currently own? Is this the true goal of the government? In the name of health insurance, more families will be intentionally split apart.

The same health insurance scenario will affect all small businesses with fifty or more full time employees too. How sad that all individuals must focus on the restrictions and demands of individual health insurance in order to restructure their entire lives. The end result of this insurance mandate will cause more small businesses to close their doors rather than try to conform to the mandates by the government and enforced through the Internal Revenue Service.

Many of the current small businesses and the larger corporations will simply move their headquarters out of the country rather than to tolerate such heavy-handed mandates served to the citizens. Many citizens are also prepared to leave the country rather than to comply with the unreasonable mandates set down by the government.

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