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Health Insurance Reform Benefits

Apr 11th, 2011

health insuranceWill there be medical benefits extended to the self-employed? If there will be benefits, what do they have to look forward. Most of the self-employed who are involved in running a small business on their own are pushed into the individual health insurance policies, which are very expensive. These policies are very expensive because the insurance provider is not able to compare individual rates in order to offer an affordable policy.

In most cases, individual insurance policies are very expensive and offer very little in the way of choices of coverage. These are generally very standard insurance policy that only skim the surface and offer hospitalization in the event of a catastrophic illness. Stepping over the threshold and making the decision to become self-employed is a unique experience, but one with consequences.

Health insurance or the lack of insurance is only one of the consequences that many in the self-employed community have in common. However impossible, it is not a wise choice to continue without an affordable policy to help cover the cost of a major illness or catastrophic event that can occur at any time.

There are a few states that have tried to include the self-employed entrepreneur into the affordable health insurance fold by creating a new insurance policy referred to as the group of one. The insurance that is offered under the title of group of one is less expensive than an individual insurance policy and includes fewer restrictions regarding what is eligible and what is not eligible. This act in itself makes the group of one insurance policy more attractive and affordable to those without family members.

It is very unfortunate that more states in this union are not able to offer the group of one insurance policy to the self-employed who live and work in their state. The only other affordable option is the self-employed health insurance, which is specifically written with the self-employed entrepreneur in mind. This is another choice of insurance coverage for the self-employed, but is focused on other family members for inclusiveness.

Though the health care coverage are standard it comes with an affordable annual policy and combines the average monthly cost for health insurance with what each individual self-employed individual is able to afford even during those months when financial circumstances become scarce. Though there remains much for any entrepreneur to consider, there is an affordable policy available to everyone when it is required.


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