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Health Care Reform through Cost

Feb 15th, 2011

health care reformWhen the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in March 2010, it was widely touted as the miracle that all citizens were waiting for to arrive. It was to be the salvation that so many citizens were looking forward to in order to rearrange the entire broken and united health care system. As the months passed, the realization of what was included in the new health care reform bill became known one piece at a time.

The truth as to the cost of a new or a renewal insurance policy is only one of many questions that the citizenry is beginning to question. We the people were told over and over how the total cost of insurance was now going to be on a downward trend. It seems that just the opposite is the reality of the situation. We the people were told that affordable health insurance policy renewals would be going down in cost by two thousand five hundred dollars. The reality is just the opposite as each individual and family began receiving their renewal insurance policy for the year.

Those individuals who have been uninsured for the development of one or more pre-existing health conditions were waiting to have the freedom to sign up for a low-cost health insurance policy and it is not happening. The states have been mandated to set up high-risk insurance pools by 2014, but the federal funding is slow in filtering down through the various government agencies.

Affordable health insurance coverage for every citizen was applauded until the reality of the situation became better understood. Employers preparing for the changes have asked their employees to pay even more to the out-of-control insurance spending. There are other employers who have made the decision to discontinue the privilege of offering insurance coverage through the group insurance plans.

It seems there are even more citizens without any form of insurance coverage now, than at any other time since the insurance industry began to take a foothold in the country. Employers are reducing their employee count, adding even more individuals to the unemployment rolls and the numbers continue to rise.

Where do those individuals who are now unemployed go to find an acceptable health care policy that the Internal Revenue Service will approve? Remember, in the pages of this health reform bill is a small passage transferring responsibility of insurance acceptance to the Internal Revenue Service.


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