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Health Care Reform Payment

Jan 6th, 2011

health care reformUniversal Health Care has finally washed up on the shores of the United States with the splash of a tidal wave. What is really interesting is how the cost factor has been placed on the head of the “rich” and the health insurance industry. How interesting that it just happened to work out as it did. However, it prompts the question why is it the responsibility of those who are “rich”? Why is it the responsibility of the “health insurance industry” to pay for the health care reform bill?

Have we the people forgotten about personal responsibility? When did the government become the arbiter and the decision maker to decide who will be expected to pay for such an enormous health care bill that will not help anyone. Has the government defined how much is considered “rich”? How did the “rich” come to have so much money in the first place?

Most individuals made their money by being employed, rendering a skilled service, and in the end receiving monetary compensation for the service. Now the government has decided to have the same people who worked long and hard all of their adult life open their bank accounts. They are expected to turn over their earned money to the government to decide who deserves.

What is going to happen to the health insurance industry in the years to come because of this new health care reform bill? How will the health insurance industry be able to remain in business if they are mandated to give services away at no cost? Where will they achieve the goal of accepting all individuals with pre-existing medical health care conditions?

When you take the time to analyze the entire situation, this is an unsustainable course for this country to be taking. When the health insurance providers begin to conduct business under these new mandates the government is passing along they will not be able to remain in business long. It is agreed that many of the pre-existing health care conditions should not be listed as pre-existing health care conditions.

However, there are far more serious and expensive pre-existing conditions that will put a health insurance provider out of business. This will occur when the monetary funds going out the door are more than the monetary funds coming in the door. Even with the government mandate that all citizens are expected to carry some form of health insurance coverage it still will not be enough.

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