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Coping with Self Employed Medical Insurance

May 20th, 2011

self employed medical insuranceThe one group of individuals that will be left out in the cold are the hard working self employed. These are the individuals with the creative minds that require time and space in order to thrive and grow a dream into reality. These are the individuals that have a difficult time trying to enroll and maintain an affordable self employed medical insurance policy because their monthly income is so erratic at best. Now the federal government is about to make life even more difficult than it needs to be for these individuals.
Most of the self-employed community are individuals who devote long hours daily and have no office atmosphere. Yet, as difficult the prospect of locating even an affordable health insurance policy the federal government is paying more attention to the special exemptions to certain groups, organizations, and unions that profess they require dire assistance. Are we beginning to notice the favoritism and the imbalance that is being excused from the affordable care act?
Individuals who are self-employed are not wealthy individuals. They are individuals who have a dream and are trying to make that dream materialize for them and all their family members. Where will the self-employed have an opportunity to locate an inexpensive self employed health insurance policy that will be affordable?
This is most prominent when the individual is only beginning a career as a self-employed individual. In most cases, the self-employed individual is unable to enroll in the state insurance plan unless they have children.  Yes, there is the self-employed medical insurance, but there are many that are unable to afford even the basic of medical coverage.
Unfortunately, it will be the children who are afforded basic insurance coverage to help with the medical health care needs they may require. However, under the new affordable care act they too will be mandated to purchase insurance to cover their immediate and long-term catastrophic affordable health insurance requirements. If these individuals decide to defy the mandate from the federal government, they will soon be facing a financial hardship.
There are plenty of penalties to go around as an incentive to purchase an insurance policy the Internal Revenue Service will accept. Though most self-employed will continue to remain in business, there will be many other individuals that will not be able and they will have to close their doors. When this happens, it will be a great loss to the community and to all surrounding communities.

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