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Affordable Health Insurance for the Self Employed

Apr 20th, 2011

self-employed health insuranceThe self-employed individuals within our communities are doing the same as most individuals. They work long hours and seldom take time off when they are just beginning to operate their own business. Self-employment is not for everyone, but those that make the attempt find that one of their largest hurdles to overcome is the task of finding an  affordable health insurance  for the self employed

Once an impossible task, today the insurance providers have made great strides to include small businesses and the self-employed into their fold. The insurance protections offered are limited and expensive, but at least they exist. This was not always the case.

Most self-employed individuals have turned to the individual health insurance plans because they are readily available. The individual insurance policies offer many of the same health coverage availability as the family insurance plans only at a much higher annual premium rate.

One of the benefits for the self-employed today is that the annual insurance policy premium is a deductible item and that will help. When the affordable care act is fully implemented, this benefit may change, but affordable  self-employed health insurance will continue to evolve and develop to offer better benefits.

Another point of interest for the self-employed individual is to contact the Better Business Bureau and seek their wisdom and advice. There is a very good chance they will have the means to direct you in the right direction for quality insurance coverage at an affordable expense.

This will offer you the opportunity to decide between an affordable policy including your family members or purchasing an insurance policy under an individual status. These are all very important decisions that need investigation before coming to any conclusion. Health care can be a very expensive venture to try to take on alone.

This is very evident when it comes to pre-existing conditions. The lack of insurance could ultimately cost you your business, livelihood, and home. No one ever wants to allow this unfortunate circumstance to occur. The facts are that most self-employed individuals begin this adventure in their fifties. Most individuals at this stage of their life have some medical issues even when they are minor.

Making the time when you are beginning this new adventure will save you much grief as the years continue forward. Meet and discuss your concerns with other individuals who are self-employed to find out what they are doing. Perhaps they can recommend an insurance provider that offers low-cost health insurance for the self-employed that you can afford.



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