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Affects of Self-Employed Insurance

Jan 5th, 2011

self-employed insuranceThe self-employed insurance possibilities will continue to be available to all entrepreneurs, but it will be offered with specific restrictions.  Self-employed insurance will be at a premium. There are a few variables that will be contingent upon the area of the country in which the self-employed entrepreneurs reside and the population of the near-by cities.

Written into The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a paragraph or two explaining one of the main requirements for eligibility according to the government rules that are now in place. All small business owners and operators, freelance entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals will receive a health insurance tax credit when their annual salary remains below fifty thousand dollars.

Of course, those self-employed individuals who continue to be salaried at fifty thousand dollars and more will not be eligible for the self-employed health insurance credit. This will be an issue with many who are self-employed. These are the individuals who will search out the affordable health insurance through the local Chamber of Commerce who have the numbers to offer low cost health insurance in bulk form.

Considering that most small business owners and self-employed individuals are perpetually busy with the daily functions of helping their business or investment grow and thrive there are other avenues they may want to travel to locate self-employed health insurance at an affordable rate.

One of the methods that can be utilized is in discussing your needs and requirements with a health insurance broker. By discussing what you are looking for in an affordable health insurance plan, the broker will be able to assist and locate what you are searching for in less time. Most health insurance brokers operate agencies that offer them access to most of the health insurance providers within a given area of the country.

All brokers who operate an insurance agency will be able to track down the most appropriate health insurance provider to match your particular needs for a minimal commission. Most health insurance commissions are set at eight percent, ten percent, twelve percent, and fifteen percent. How the health insurance broker receives, his or her commission is contingent on how you pay for your annual self-employed health insurance policy.

You will need to consider a higher deductible than possessed in the past due only that is because of the new rules, laws, and regulations that are now in place. This will help to lower your average monthly cost for health insurance if you choose an installment pay plan.



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