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Self Employed and Affordable Health Insurance, Pending Changes

May 17th, 2011

affordable health insuranceThere are a few changes coming, as we get more involved with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Some of the changes will be simple and easy to digest, but others will be more complicated. There will be much to expect and anticipate as we march forward because the uncertainty leaves room for rumors and innuendo has to gain some traction.

Most of what individuals and entrepreneurs are expecting from this self employed health insurance bill is not what they will receive when the time comes. The entire affordable care act can be broken down into a few main categories that will cover a multitude of difficulties. Remember, it will still continue to take a few years before the introduction of the affordable health insurance is fully implemented.

  1. Individuals and entrepreneurs will receive the care that is required, no more and no less
  2. Patient and medical physician relationships are gone, teams are in
  3. Patient visits will be based on health, not sickness
  4. Introduction of electronic records

Providing lawyers will be held at bay, the medical physicians will begin operating by a different set of rules than what the patient are accustomed to receiving. Perhaps in time the affordable health insurance policy really will become affordable with some of the changes that are being instituted.

The medical physician will no longer subject patients to lengthy medical tests and x-rays when they are not required. The medical physician will soon come to understand that the most basic medical care that is adequate for the symptoms will be required. At times, because of the threat of lawsuits, the medical physician would order additional testing that was not necessary.

One of the most notable changes that are about to be presented is visiting with a team of medical physicians instead of the familiar family physician. The premise of this new style of HIP insurance delivery is to reduce the risk of missing an ailment. The healthier the medical community can help you to remain, the less expensive health insurance policies will become.

The medical community will become more proactive with the citizens and offer reminders to some and personalized home visits for others. The cost of self employed health insurance for entrepreneurs will be a shared experience because everyone who is participating has an interest in how the community is operating. How this will work out in the future is still unknown, but we are at the beginning of finding out.

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