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May 23rd, 2011

affordable health insuranceIndividuals who are self employed or who have ever been self employed understand well how difficult it can be to purchase a low cost self employed health insurance policy. The insurance providers try to be friendly to the group of self employed, but it is a difficult task to accomplish without a reference point.  Insurance providers are much better suited to work with larger groups because they can receive a better sense of what the group as an entity requires.

When individuals are self employed, there is no reference unless the individual is fortunate to belong with a group either through a sports arena or with a business association group. Most of the self employed entrepreneurs usually end up forfeiting a self employed health insurance policy because they would rather concentrate on the new business they are trying to develop.

Imagine what you are up against when you are a self employed female. Insurance policies in general are higher priced for females, especially when they are within what is considered the childbearing age. Insurance policies in general are higher priced because of the cost and popularity of cesarean sections.

It was not always this way, but even when a female is offered an affordable health insurance policy, the cost will be greater than the same insurance policy for a male of the same age. Now, since the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the cost for even a standard insurance policy will become unaffordable.

No, this was never fair, but sometimes we must all accept what we get until the time comes that we have the power of change. Women’s medical issues have traditionally been placed on the back burner until recent years. Perhaps that is why many within the medical community and the affordable health insurance brokers and providers are trying to arrange for better acceptance of women.

However, just when the two communities were beginning to acknowledge self employed women, the government has stepped in and is attempting to change the rules of health all over again for better or for worse. How many of the self employed entrepreneurs will find themselves without a business because of the new government mandates regarding insurance?

The self-employed who have been in a successful business for a few years will stand a better chance of surviving and conforming to the new insurance for self employed rules. Many of the self employed entrepreneurs who are only beginning will have a difficult time. They will probably be the ones to put their dreams on hold and search for gainful employment elsewhere.


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