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Mandatory Health Insurance for Self Employed

May 27th, 2011

health insurance for self employedHave you been wondering why it is so important to the government entity that all citizens purchase an insurance policy? Have you been wondering why the Internal Revenue Service is going to be the designated arm of the government to enforce the affordable care act on we the people? The Internal Revenue Service is going to be monitoring every citizen, re-issuing health insurance for self employed policies and fines, but who is going to be monitoring the Internal Revenue Service?

It is very interesting that in order for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to be considered a profitable success it will require every citizen to be paying more taxes in the form of an affordable health insurance policy. Included in the affordable care act is also a mandatory provision for citizens to be billed a tax penalty fine when an insurance policy is not purchased.

We the people pay for our federal employees through collective taxes. Will we the people be paying for our federal employees to enroll in an insurance plan too or will the federal employees finally be required to pay for their insurance policy from the tax income they already receive.

The affordable care act does require every citizen to purchase an annual affordable health insurance policy. The idea is that when every citizen is paying into the same medical system, then every citizen is going to be entitled to receive the medical health care services each citizen requires to remain healthy.  Under this new law will the state government employees and the federal employees also be mandated to pay into this one for all and all for one government run, government subsidized medical system.

Yet, there seem to be hundreds of thousands of waivers being granted  in regards to the medical insurance self employed, to organizations, corporations, union memberships, and others to offer an extension of one or two years. If we the people begin to fill out the application form requesting a waiver for our families, will we too receive an extension of time before we are mandated to purchase an insurance policy.

How many sets of accounting records are the medical physicians, hospitals, and insurance providers expected to keep accommodating the special circumstances of such a large portion of the total population. Why are some citizens and entrepreneurs being granted special insurance wavers while other citizens and entrepreneurs must begin paying for the new insurance for self employed?  Are we as a country going to have one set of rules, laws, and regulations for one group of citizens and a different set for others?

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