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Improving Diabetes Prevention Through New York Health Insurance

Aug 25th, 2011

diabetes preventionDiabetes along with obesity is becoming a serious health concern in America. According to NYS Health Foundation, 1.8 million residents in New York alone have diabetes. This disease is rampant in individuals 45 years old and over but recently younger people develop this condition. It is even afflicting children and adolescents. The medical costs for the treatment of diabetes has reached $12.9 billion in 2006. Because of this, the NY State Health Foundation and  the Healthcare Association of New York State has launched a campaign to improve diabetes treatment and outcome.

Diabetics require frequent medical attention. Residents living with diabetes spends five times more on their New York health insurance costs than those without it. This is because they need emergency care more often and 60% of the time, this leads to hospital confinement. Hospital admission in New York has increased to almost 163,000 within a year (2008-2008) and 84% of this admission is attributed to patients with diabetes. After they have been discharged, they come back for readmission.

Aside from hospital care, diabetics need a lot of tests not only for detection but for the purpose of monitoring their condition. These tests should be done regularly depending on the severity of the condition. However only a small percentage of diabetics undergo the necessary tests such as blood sugar testing, lipid profile, eye exam, urine test, dental check up and foot assessment.

The health care reform has some provisions that open to opportunities that could improve health care for diabetics as a whole. The establishment of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and health homes can improve the coordination of care and outcome for diabetics. It can also bring down the cost of care. The elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions can guarantee that by 2014 all Diabetics will be covered.  Having a New York health insurance that covers preventive care services will hopefully increase the number of diabetics who regularly go through the necessary tests. When the health insurance exchange is up and running, it can give diabetics access to inexpensive health insurance coverage despite their condition.

Another measure that can help in diabetes prevention is the establishment of more supermarkets in New York that will sell affordable and healthy food options. According to a study by the Food Trust, healthy supermarkets must be present in all communities. The lack in access to healthy food is one of the primary reasons that lead to obesity, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

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