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Funding For Community Health Centers Through the NY Health Foundation

Nov 3rd, 2011

Healthy New YorkThe NY State Health Foundation is committed to the implementation of the health care reform believing that 1.2 million more New Yorkers will gain NY health insurance coverage. And they believe one of the keys in successfully implementing the reform is in ensuring that there are enough community health centers (CHC) to accommodate  the primary care needs of all the residents including the newly insured individuals.

A study however shows that New York state lost a lot of money in the past seven years in providing primary care services through CHCs. They need to seek ways to make the CHCs more sustainable. NY Health Foundation plans to expand CHCs particularly in areas where medical care and access are inadequate like Western New York, Central New York, the Finger Lakes Region, and Long

NYS Health is not only committed in creating CHCs but in improving the community health center services as well. These services go beyond primary care and extend to dental care, optometry, behavioral health and pharmacy. NYS Health grants financial aid to projects such as:

  • Clinical and business case planning – Before establishing or expanding community health centers, a study needs to be made to ascertain how many health care providers and staff are required to adequately provide the needed medical services as well as the necessary reimbursement to make the CHC sustainable.
  • Real estate assistance – Expanding CHC services also means needing more space. The funding may include locating a good site for CHCs. The financial support however cannot be used to pay for rent.
  • Workforce recruitment and training – When expanding or establishing new CHCs, hiring new personnel and training them in emerging trends is necessary. NYS Health funds the recruitment, training and retaining of health care professionals.
  • Legal and regulatory services – NYS Health Foundation funding is available for the processing and procurement of the necessary documents such as contracts and certificates.
  • Management infrastructure – funds the extra managerial and supervisory positions that are required for an expanding CHC.
  • Consolidations – It is necessary for some growing CHCs to consolidate with other health care facilities to provide the care needed by the community. Funding is available for acquiring or consolidating with other medical facilities.

NYS Health Foundation can give up to a $100,000 grant to as much as 10 eligible applicants.

All interested applicants have until 1:00 PM on November 29, 2011 to submit their application. Submission must be done in the NYS Health website at For further information just check their website or send an email to [email protected] for inquiries.

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